All She Needed Was A Little Help

All she needed was a little help. Sometimes in publishing, that’s all we need…

Maria with book

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This post is about a picture book that my daughter published last year that we’re hoping to turn into a coloring book this year!

Reposted from March 31, 2015:

About a month ago, my daughter’s Creative Writing teacher assigned the class a picture book project. My daughter was thrilled! She loves to write, and loves to draw, so this project pulled together two of her favorite things things to do.

She was making great progress with her book, but then she contracted a miserable strep infection that knocked her flat. With the deadline looming, something had to be done! She wanted to scan in her sketches, clean them up, and finish coloring her drawings on the computer, but she was too sick to do it.

Fortunately, her teacher recognized that not all students are enthusiastic or talented artists, and had said that her class could ask for help with their illustrations.

So Maria agreed to let me add the color and set up the pages for her on the computer.

5 low-resThe end result became a beautiful blend of hand drawn sketches, and digital color and layering techniques that complemented her writing style.

We’ve talked about the possibility of publishing her story. She seems willing. I’m so excited! In a few more days, my daughter could be a published author!

My daughter needed a little help to realize her dream of a finished picture book. Maybe you do, too? What writing project have you been sitting on for lack of the right artwork?

If you’d like a little help (or maybe, even a lot), contact me! I’d like to help you make your dreams of being a published author come true.

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