Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Coloring Enthusiasts

Troll Trouble Coloring Book would make a great last minute Christmas gift. I hope you’re having a great time getting ready for Christmas! We are… If you haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift yet for the kids in your family, I hope you’ll remember this book and get it for them! In addition to the cute

Troll Trouble is LIVE on Create Space!

After a few more last-minute tweaks, I finally did it! I pushed the Publish button for the Troll Trouble coloring book on Create Space. It’s always so exciting (and a little nerve-wracking) every time I push that button, but–wow–what a relief! Troll Trouble is available right away for sale on Create Space! It will take

Test Run For the New Coloring Book

We received the proofs from Create Space two to three weeks ago for Maria’s new coloring book. I asked for help testing the book on elementary students at her school, which one of the teachers was willing to help me with. The coloring book was a huge hit! First, the teacher read the story with the kids,

Print Layout Versus Ebook Layout

Print book layout versus ebook layout: these two formats present different challenges and have different requirements. Note: I’m still using my daughter’s picture book as an example for this post, because coloring books don’t make good ebooks. Reposted from April 18, 2015: You may remember from my last post that I was in the middle of

All She Needed Was A Little Help

All she needed was a little help. Sometimes in publishing, that’s all we need… This post is about a picture book that my daughter published last year that we’re hoping to turn into a coloring book this year! Reposted from March 31, 2015: About a month ago, my daughter’s Creative Writing teacher assigned the class a picture