Fairy Mischief Coloring Page

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Are you up for some fairy mischief?

Fairy Mischief: click here to open and download the coloring page

Click here to open and download the coloring page

The story:

How much mischief can a fairy get into on a nice, lazy summer afternoon?

I’m guessing quite a lot!

Check out this cute little girl fairy full of mischief who wants to wake her brother up. He fell asleep fishing in the pond by their tree house. If she throws that big fat juicy blueberry in her hand at him, she thinks it might just do the trick!

The process:

This picture was a collaboration with my daughter–who draws the cutest fairies. I sketched the design and she added the fairies, then I scanned the artwork, traced it digitally in Krita, and added color in Photoshop Elements.

The challenge:

Because I intended this image for use on textiles, I used solid colors and no shading. With some of the design elements and the way I drew them, this was no easy task. I couldn’t just fill in the lines, I had to flood the color beneath them. That led to a lot of nit-picky cleaning up.

You might even say that a little fairy mischief got into the drawing and made itself felt…

The inspiration:

This design was originally created with coloring in mind. If you would like to download a free coloring page, please click on the image, and it will take you to a pdf file that you can download.

You don’t have to color this image the way I did. Be creative! Find the colors that work for you. Maybe add in a few fish or birds.

If you would like to share your finished artwork with me online so I can admire it, please feel free to email me.

Terms of use:

This image is licensed for downloading, printing, and coloring for personal use only. All other professional and commercial rights are reserved.

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