Test Run For the New Coloring Book

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Harold and Louise: Troll Trouble. NEW Coloring Book is coming soon!

New Coloring Book — Coming Soon!

We received the proofs from Create Space two to three weeks ago for Maria’s new coloring book. I asked for help testing the book on elementary students at her school, which one of the teachers was willing to help me with.

The coloring book was a huge hit!

First, the teacher read the story with the kids, which got them all excited about coloring Harold and Louise. Then they each picked a page to color (and some of them more than one page!).

And…this is where my great plan for testing the new coloring book went totally awry: they enjoyed coloring so much that they wanted to take their pages home!

Fortunately, my teacher friend found that a few pages were left behind, and I was able to retrieve them.

Maria has also received some very positive comments from some of the kids on the story and requests for a sequel. (Yes, a sequel is in the works)




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