Coloring Elephants

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Elephant mom and baby

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Coloring elephants can be a lot of fun.

Here is one of the recent drawings that I drew as a prize for a contest at the special request of one of my coloring friends.

Aren’t these elephants just darling? I love how elephant moms and dads are such good parents to their babies, and how much love elephants show each other in so many different ways! God made these giants of the animal kingdom so very special…

So it was a lot of fun to get to draw this mother and baby for this design!

Sometime soon, this picture is going to make its debut in a new coloring book featuring animal babies.

I colored it using Crayola’s new Twistables colored pencils because I’d temporarily misplaced my favorite set of watercolor pencils.

It isn’t often that I get to sit down and enjoy myself doing an activity that’s just for me. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed it so much recently when I took a Sunday afternoon to color these elephants as an example to share on my website.

I used the 12 pencil set, but in researching options, it turns out that there’s a Twistables set with 30 pencils. More is always better!

And what a serendipitous choice! I love the way the colored leads in the Twistables can be so easily turned up as the points wear down. No mess, no fussing with pencil sharpeners, and the colors have a nice clarity to them and blend easily!  Also, I discovered that the pencil leads had great color consistency as well as strength. They didn’t splinter or break on me and wore down at a nice steady rate of use.

The only complaint I had with the set was that the black wasn’t very strong, tint-wise, but it’s easy to find darker black pencils, and otherwise, I quite enjoyed working with these colors.

I’ll still prefer my watercolor pencils for most artwork projects, but they worked out really well! Hey…there’s an idea for you, Crayola! Can you make us some Twistables watercolor pencils?

Pencil low-res

I had a great time coloring this design! If you’ve bought my book, I hope you won’t be shy about sharing your own efforts with me! I love fan art and I’d love to share your coloring efforts (with your permission) on my website!

You can also print and download my free coloring pages here.

If you’ve got some fan art to share with me, you can email me here. The contact form won’t allow an attachment, but if you get in touch, I’ll be happy to email you back so you can send it to me!

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