Coloring Dwarf Mongooses

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Coloring dwarf mongooses is a lot of fun.

Dwarf mongooses

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This design was inspired by a photo of dwarf mongooses playing in their enclosure at the zoo. They were so cute and so very busy, that I had difficulty taking good photos, but I persevered.

Dwarf mongooses, like their larger mongoose cousins, are very high energy. Unlike the larger mongooses which are more solitary, dwarf mongooses live in packs. Dwarf mongooses are Africa’s smallest predator, hunting insects, lizards, and even small snakes. They also eat some vegetables and fruit.

Save your green colored pencils for a different design.
Break out the blues, purples, and browns.

A Day At The Zoo: Coloring for Adults

Click here for a great coloring adventure!

Please note that I didn’t use any green in coloring this picture. One of the complaints I’ve heard rather frequently in coloring book groups is how the green colored pencils and markers get used up so quickly in many coloring books for adults. This is not an issue you’ll have (unless you really want to) when enjoying this coloring book.

While some of the designs do have a lot of foliage in them, many others, like this drawing, feature wood shavings and bits of wood for the animals to climb on, or interesting rock formations, or water. All of your colors can come out to play and get a great work out.

Of course, the colors you choose to use are totally up to you…

I colored these dwarf mongooses using Crayola’s Twistables colored pencils.

In this picture of the dwarf mongooses, I used a lot of purple and blue to create more dramatic shadows on the driftwood. The colorful toy in the foreground and the food dish at top-left create pops of color that keep the design from feeling washed out.

Pencil low-res

This picture is from my coloring book: A Day At The Zoo.

I had a great time coloring these designs! If you’ve bought my book, I hope you won’t be shy about sharing your own efforts with me! I love fan art and I’d love to share your coloring efforts (with your permission) on my website!

You can also print and download my free coloring pages here.

If you’ve got some fan art to share with me, you can email me here. The contact form won’t allow an attachment, but if you get in touch, I’ll be happy to email you back so you can send it to me!

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