Wear Your Artwork on Zipz Shoes

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Now you can wear your artwork on these comfy Zipz slip on shoes!

Color these Zipz shoes with scarlet macaws.

Color these cute Zipz shoes with scarlet macaws.

These shoes are worth every penny:

  • durable canvas tops
  • extra-cushioned insoles
  • specially designed arch support
  • rubber soles
  • the uppers unzip from soles and are interchangeable

Here’s how to get the best enjoyment out of your new shoes:

Wash your new Zipz shoes on a cool, gentle washer setting and allow to dry.

Color our shoe designs with these beautifully vibrant, non-toxic fabric markers that won’t bleed or fade! To set the colors, use a hot iron set for polyester (don’t set it too high).

To further protect your artwork from dirt and moisture, we recommend using waterproofing spray. Let the waterproofing dry for twenty-four hours before wearing your new artwork.

Slip your feet into these comfy shoes, make a date with friends, brag about how comfy they are, and admit that you are the artist who colored them!

Note: Shoes that have been properly set and waterproofed can be wiped clean or run through the washer using cold water. Reapply more waterproofing spray as needed after trips through the washer.

Click on these shoes to shop more designs that can be colored.

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